Review: One Dog Clapping – Dude Awakening

“Think lo-fi with ambition. Shitgaze that isn’t shit” is how Leicester’s One Dog Clapping describes his music. This one man band has produced six albums now, although this is the first I’ve heard. Based on ‘Dude Awakening’, what he lacks in slick musicianship, he makes up for in menace and anger.

With his thin, limited vocals  it’s likely Flipdog (as he likes to call himself) is a stranger to singing lessons but his instrumental skills  impress on a number of occasions. As an early taster, the filthy punk of ‘Going To A Stoning’ features typically rudimentary production but the song provides all the necessary thrills. ‘Join The Dots’ enters the realms of dark psychedelia as he proclaims again and again that he is a madman; it’s hard to argue based on the evidence. ‘This Roman’ is also worthy of investigation for its sprawling post-punk guitars but perhaps his most appealing moment is the last song; the comparatively gentle ‘Kiss The Moon Goodbye’. The remainder of the record is a mixed bag covering grunge, minimalism and glam-rock.

‘Dude Awakening’ is – in many ways – a typical home-produced record. Its amateurism charms as much as it annoys yet, on its brightest moments, there’s a good understanding of hooks and controlled aggression.

Web Sites:
One Dog Clapping Official Site
One Dog Clapping MySpace


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