Review: Dominant Legs – Young At Love And Life

Dominant Legs are represented by Ryan Lynch (who plays guitar for Girls) and Hannah Hunt. Together, the San Francisco-based duo have released an EP which straddles the worlds of indie guitar and synth pop.

Each track tends to employ a melody built from a jangly guitar figure and synths but it’s the unique harmonies between the two protagonists which delight the most.  Across the first three fairly similar (but consistently good) songs, ‘About my Girls’ stands out the most as the duo hit upon their most addictive and original key changes, given further power by Hunt’s heavenly backing vocals. ‘Run Like Hell For Leather’ is the one moment of deviation from the formula thanks to its acoustic backing but the quality of the songs before it are so good, it’s almost a disappointment.

With a mere four tracks at their disposal, this is a taster for what could be a very good album. Given their unusual approach, a tour of New York and Los Angeles with fellow oddballs Mystery Jets makes a lot of sense.

Web Sites:
Dominant Legs MySpace

Further Listening:
The Drums


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