Review: Unknown Component – The Infinite Definitive

In the field of independent artists, there are few quite as consistent as Keith Lynch AKA Unknown Component. Since 2002 he has recorded nine albums, with each following a similar pattern of indie rock, made distinctive by a nasal but appealing vocal.

‘The Infinitive Definitive’ is a return to the downbeat form he showed on earlier albums. However, the best songs have great depth. As a good example, ‘Future Circles’ is made up of several instrumental layers but at its core is a pretty acoustic melody.

Unusually, the record reaches its peak towards the centre. ‘The Experience Of Understanding’ is built upon a stately keyboard motif with Lynch’s voice given the echo treatment; it’s a lovely, gentle song. ‘Every Measure And Space’ is lovelier still; the subtle electronic accompaniment adding to the track’s spine-tingling majesty. Elsewhere, Lynch is reliably yearning but for much of the time he seems to be covering old ground, with music that will struggle to grab the listener’s attention.

Although this is not Lynch’s best album, the consistent rhythmic flow and tunefulness almost guarantees he would never make a bad album. So the simple rules applies that if you like his past releases, this one does the job too.

Web Sites:
Unknown Component Official Site
Unknown Component MySpace

Further Listening:
Bob Dylan, The Walkmen, Eels


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