Review: The Other Dances – The Other Dances

London’s The Other Dances have timed their appearance on the music scene pretty well. Although nominally a pop/rock/country outfit, their style owes much to the indie guitar pop sound of the early 1980’s; recently undergoing something of a revival thanks to the likes of The Drums.

The Other Dances dispense with electronic trickery though. Both ‘Abigail’ and ‘Country Music’ display jangly guitars and push Ben Anstis’ perky vocals to the fore. For ‘Home For Christmas’ the bass and guitars are truly driving; creating a punchy and ultimately more satisfying song. ‘She’s Not My Lover’, meanwhile, builds on languid verses and feature Anstis’ most heart-wrenching performance behind the mic.

The Other Dances may initially come across as a little fey but their songs are blessed with spiky melody and strong rhythms. They also invest a lot of heart (or should that be heartache) on this EP and come highly recommended for fans of the like-minded Orange Juice.

Web Sites:
The Other Dances MySpace

Further Listening:
Orange Juice, The Farmer’s Boys


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