Review: Slow Dancing Society – Under The Sodium Lights

In a relatively brief time, the ambient records of Slow Dancing Society have cultivated an appreciative following. ‘Under The Sodium Lights’ is the fourth album from Drew Sullivan and one which attempts to expand in to ever more blissful worlds.


For ‘The Songs In Your Eyes’ there’s the briefest of vocal appearances from Sullivan; an aching sigh which sums up the serene and  melancholic atmospheres generated by the music, even if the track is slightly marred by a female voiceover which sounds like an excerpt from a New Age motivational speech. ‘Laura’s Dream’ plays out just as you imagine the title would promise, with lazy guitars filtered through shimmering effects. ‘…And To The Dust We Shall Return’ is another highpoint with the glacial melodic approach at its most moving. Gradually, the elegant sondscapes do begin to sound very similar though and – by the time of the finale ‘Love Is On The Way’ – the apparently gorgeous noise becomes quite contrived. 

The press release celebrates the album’s ability to draw the listener in to a hypnotic state but this isn’t always a positive move since, at times, the music drifts rather aimlessly in to a sumptuous but rather shapeless mass. To put a positive spin on it, though, there will be few more pleasant listening experiences than this.

Web Sites:
Slow Dancing Society MySpace
Hidden Shoal Recordings Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Hammock, Robin Guthrie


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