Review: Redroomdreamers – Roosters On The Rubbish

Abum titles aren’t usually that important but ‘Roosters On The Rubbish’ is one that attracts attention, possibly for the wrong reasons. It’s the debut by Redroomdreamers, an Italian outfit who compare themselves to American Music Club, Beck and Smog.

Although the vocals of Dario Bosco seem to be set permanently to “anguished” and “despairing”, the songs of Redroomdreamers seem to fall in to two distinct camps. The first is rockier, grungier material and the latter is subtle and introspective. Of the former, ‘New Year’ makes a decent fist at Radiohead’s angsty early output whilst ‘About Your Dream’ is angular and edgy. Yet the overcooked and slightly clicheed ‘Candy Girl’ fares less well.

Their quieter moments, though, are closer in spirit and execution to the aforementioned American Music Club. Better still, on the gentle ‘Suitcase’, the melancholic ache of ‘Psychotherapy’ or the jangly ‘Under Control’, they reminded me of the superb indie act Argentine. These songs are rich in emotion and atmosphere and elevate the group from a band with well-trodden influences to a classy alternative rock band.

If Redroomdreamers aimed to sound like an American band from the mid-1990’s then they have succeeded in their quest. Certainly, on hearing this record it was impossible to tell they are an Italian outfit. Yet there’s enough evidence here to suggest that greatness is only just around the corner.

Web Sites:
Redroomdreamers MySpace
Happy Mopy Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Argentine, American Music Club, Radiohead


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