Review: Dafoe – Dafoe

Bands formed whilst at University have a tendency to try too hard to sound like their heroes. Bucking the trend, then, are Queensland’s Dafoe who combine study time with play time at Toowoomba University. Their EP is an incisive, modern take on post-punk and new wave.

‘Young Kevin’ begins ominously with a menacing bassline. It is soon joined by a post-punk guitar figure and then the whispered, threatening tones of the frontman are ushered in. The track develops into a screamed chorus but the tight musicianship of the band means they are are no mere punk pretenders. ‘Knife Edge’ is even better; a rattlingly intense thriller of a song. An instrumental ‘Three’ provides a brief respite from the controlled chaos which is revived again – and with added primary-coloured electronica – for ‘Hardgrave’. Finally, it is left to the doleful ‘Wittenberg’ to conclude the EP.

As an opening statement, ‘Dafoe’ (the EP) is certainly not the most original offering but it does showcase two great elements of the band: an attention-grabbing vocalist and songs which deliver on the excitement front too. Taking al that in to account, their next release should be very intriguing.

Web Sites:
Dafoe MySpace
Dafoe Bandcamp Site

Further Listening:
Magazine, Medium 21


1 Response to “Review: Dafoe – Dafoe”

  1. 1 incognito November 1, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Sounds like manic, yet organised chaos. Would love to jam with you guys.

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