Review: The Wagner Logic – The Wagner Logic

Self-produced in a basement studio, in the small Alaskan fishing town of Kasilof, it would be fair to say the second album by The Wagner Logic sounds like the product of a band cocooned away from civilisation. In this case it’s no bad thing, since it’s clearly enabled the group members to shape their individual sound.

One of the most attractive points about the record is the variety of vocal styles and moods and the way in which they merge with the wondrous guitar effects. For the opening moment ‘Waiting For Snow’, the guitars are aggressive but layered in gorgeous melody and topped off by the appealing childlike vocals; making the track an alternative seasonal anthem.

‘The Drugs And You’ is, as the title may imply, rather disorientating as the psychedelic effects are warped around the impassive singing. It contrasts starkly with ‘Years From Now’, where the words are shrieked or even on ‘Faded Slackers’ where they caress the listener with dreamlike whispers. Best of all, though, is ‘All In Good Time’ where the whispers stick like glue to the relentlessly addictive riffs to make a haunting and towering highlight.

After this tremendous first half burst of creativity, it’s somewhat inevitable there is a brief lull which is recovered towards the end of the record. This culminates in the romantic closer ‘Yesterday Evening’.

Doubtlessly, The Wagner Logic will attract comparisons with fellow cosmic pop-rockers like The Flaming Lips but they are definitely a band with their own identity. The key to the success of The Wagner Logic is that they rarely seem to favour weirdness over the importance of a good tune.

Web Sites:
The Wagner Logic Official Blog
The Wagner Logic MySpace

Further Listening:
Untied States, The Flaming Lips, The Umbrella Sequence


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