Review: Various Artists : Bearsuit Records – The Fall Will Probably Kill You

Even by a compilation’s standards, the Bearsuit Records showcase ‘Captain Woof Woof’s Guitar’ was an incredibly eclectic affair, taking in to account classical, funk, folk and indie pop. The common link between the artists was essentially creativity and invention. Much the same can be said for ‘The Fall Will Probably Kill You’, where some of the key personnel crop up again, together with new stars for the future.

As with the last Bearsuit compilation, the opening tracks are as uncompromising and uncommercial as you can imagine so naturally low budget psychedelia (courtesy of Alyosha Het) must be followed by hypnotic accordion loops (thanks to France’s Rhizottome). Whilst the likes of PNDC & Housework and Harold Nono have already produced fine albums in recent times, moments of great individualism and skewed pop brilliance arrive in the form of Belgium/Scotland partnership Whizz Kid, Scotland’s Forofo and Tidy Kid’s curiosity ‘Smell’. It is left to the remarkable MoomLooo to sign off with the enigmatic, melodramatic ‘Girl Of A Skin Coloured Brown’.

The ideas are wayward at times but Bearsuit have assembled a roster of talent who want to do something different. In these times of imitations and revivals, they should be applauded for that.

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