Review: Working For A Nuclear Free City – Jojo Burger Tempest

Working For A Nuclear Free City are a Manchester band who like to revisit the past. This potentially harrowing prospect may naturally lead some to tread carefully before approaching the record but they pay homage to their heroes with such panache, it’s hard not to be charmed by what they do.

The album opens like a ball of energy and doesn’t really let up. Big, rhythmic hooks propel the excellent first CD. On ‘Silent Times’ and ‘Alphaville’ they move in to Ride-like shoegaze territory and ‘AutoBlue’ recalls, bizarrely, a livelier version of Orbital. ‘Faster Daniel Faster’ ups the ante further with its mesmerising Stone Roses-style chorus, whilst elsewhere, glorious instrumentals of the calibre of ‘B.A.R.R.Y.’ and wired pop of ‘Little Lenin’ and ‘Burning Drum’ ensure interest is maintained for nearly an hour. There’s something undeniably mid-90s about the first CD which should give it a dated feel but the meaty beats, songcraft and relentless vibrancy make it addictive and relevant.

The second CD is an altogther different story where the title track meanders along for nearly thirty five minutes. It’s certainly varied, inventive and ambitious but amongst its psychedelic swirls, spoken word, synth pop, ambient and Krautrock segments there’s a distinct lack of focus and cohesion. It’s probably best to treat it as a bonus disc as it’s Part One which really does warrant repeated plays.

Web Sites:
Working For A Nuclear Free City Official Site
Working For A Nuclear Free City MySpace

Further Listening:
Ride, Orbital, The Stone Roses


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