Review: Dollboy Meets Sone Institute – The Sum And The Difference

Where once acoustic and electronica were seen as mutually exclusive art forms, it’s an indication of how far we’ve come, that when the two combine it’s now considered to be perfectly normal. So the meeting of minds and instruments between Roman Bezdyk (Sone Institute) and Dollboy’s Oliver Cherer seems entirely sensible. Even so, there’s no treading of water here. The two artists have crafted sixteen minutes of instrumental loveliness.

In many ways Bezdyk, picks up where he left off with this year’s ‘Curious Memories’ release; once again evoking a similar feeling of a weird seaside resort. Deliciously resonant strummed acoustic guitar and sighed harmones feature heavily on ‘Sunshine. ‘A Slow Reader’ borrows strings and builds up an atmosphere of a remote island and ‘Hotel Oriental’ continues the sun-kissed theme. Throughout, a vision of long summer days and innocent nostalgia is prevalent even when ‘Play For Today’ (which resembles a vintage childrens’ TV theme being played by artists who may have partaken something not entirely legal) makes itself known.

All the pieces are a little too short to completely enjoy but – as the press release states – these are “fragmented” songs and whilst they are being played, they are so dreamy and melodic, criticism seems irrelevant. A proper album together seems the next logical step for these two talented artists.

Web Sites:
Dollboy MySpace
Sone Institute MySpace
Front And Follow Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Junkboy, BBC Radiophonic Workshop

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