Review: Glass Vaults – Glass EP

Glass Vaults are a New Zealand-based duo who met at Wellington University. Whilst there, they have honed an individual sound which balances ambient music with an assortment of vocal styles. The ‘Glass EP’ is their enchanting first offering.

Thanks to the sedate pace and ethereal harmonies on ‘They Will Grow’, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to Sigur Ros. The cautious start segues into ‘Set Sail’, with the choral voices now joined by the fey vocals of the frontman, as eerily insistent synths and skeletal guitar chords lurk in the distance. ‘New Space’ features some unusual yelping and beats and hints at a modern version of The Associates and by the time of the final track, ‘Forget Me Not’, the full depth of their yearning is beautifully realised.

For all those who find Sigur Ros a little pompous and superficial, Glass Vaults provide the antidote. Wintry, mysterious and magical, their EP is also rather magnificent.

Web Sites:
Glass Vaults Bandcamp Page
Glass Vaults MySpace
Jukboxr Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
City Of Satellites, Glassacre, Sigur Ros


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