Review: Planivaar – Concrete Beach

After some gloriously evocative recent releases, Mark Lippett of Planivaar has now made available a small collection of previously unavailable tracks for free download. The five pieces – recorded between 2006 and 2008 – are heavy on voice manipulations and gentle melody.

After one minute of news recordings and summery guitar chords, ‘When The Carpet Melts’ appears to mix keyboards of both the modern and ancient variety. ‘Undertow’ is timid and furtive initially but its distorted vocal samples become central to the subtle melody and vocals are toyed with even further on ‘Brave New World’, where they appear to be played backwards.

Given its low key release, we shouldn’t have expected too much from ‘Concrete Beach’. Although each track is inventive and invites curiosity, they are not really involving enough to demand further listening. Nevertheless, it’s worth a listen for those who’ve enjoyed Lippett’s previous offerings.

Web Sites:
Planivaar MySpace
Concrete Beach Download

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