Review: Admiral Byrd – Goodbye Cruel Worldview

Though it was sad to hear that The Great Depression are no more, I was equally thrilled to receive the news that the two core players, Todd Casper and Thomas Cranley, had re-emerged and enlisted two more members to become Admiral Byrd. Doubling the amount of musicians doesn’t always equate to an increase in volume but in this case it definitely does; ‘Goodbye Cruel Worldview’ is huge.

Admiral Byrd’s agenda is set out clearly from the beginning as the distortion-heavy ‘Don’t Touch The Radio’ displays its unwillingness to compromise. ‘Every Day Is A Picnic At The Zoo’ is even more emphatic in its execution and its line of “I’d round up the corporate elite and I would put them in the zoo” sums up the angry tone of the record too.

At its most impressive moments, ‘Closer To Animal’ and ‘Holiday Murder Sequence’ combine towering guitars, beats and atmospheres to create loud but melodic stuctures of noise. Casper and Cranley still remember the importance of space though and ‘Empty Threats’ and ‘Whatever You’re Building’ both apply the restraints for the verses; letting the ghostly vocals and lilting guitars have their say before the FX pedals are fully unleashed.

Admiral Byrd take on the dreamscapes laid down by The Great Depression and convert them into nightmares. Naturally, these are the nightmares which are too fascinating and beautiful to shy away from and they become just as addictive as their previous releases. In fact, the songs often remind me of the euphoric rollercoaster rides which The Kitchens Of Distinction became renowned for.

Web Sites:
Admiral Byrd Official Site
Admiral Byrd Bandcamp Site

Further Listening:
The Great Depression, My Bloody Valentine, Kitchens Of Distinction

1 Response to “Review: Admiral Byrd – Goodbye Cruel Worldview”

  1. 1 Drew March 19, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    I’m glad I found your review, and learned more about this band. I first heard “Every Day is a Picnic at the Zoo” on a Pandora station, and for some reason the song got eliminated from that station. All my web search results tied to my geography (Ohio, USA) seem to focus more on the band’s namesake, and I wasn’t able to find much about them–until now.

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