Review: Szymon Kaliski – Out Of Forgetting

Poland’s Szymon Kaliski might wish to choose a more attractive press release next time around. The prospect of “lingering drones from badly played acoustic instruments and field recordings” is unlikely to get fans of ambient music salivating. Yet this is an often inspired release whose wintry charms are ultimately very persuasive.

‘A Point To’ quietly emerges in a field of static and sombre piano and is the perfect scene setter for this subtly unsettling album. Whereas ‘As Unimportant’ is all about the drone and frosty soundscapes, ‘Or Delicate’ revolves around a sad and simple sequence of piano keys. Despite being interspersed with spoken word, ‘In Twelve Scenes’ recalls the languid, reverb heavy guitar work of Yellow6 but it’s the last track – the lengthy ‘To Specific Place’ – which lingers longest in the memory as every shift in note sends a chill down the spine.

Static and drone don’t always form the basis for compelling music but Kaliski ensures there’s an undercurrent of dark emotions running through each track. In short, if this is his “badly played” stuff, it would be marvellous to hear him when he’s on form.

Web Sites:
Szymon Kaliski Official Site
Szymon Kaliski MySpace

Further Listening:
The Fun Years, Yellow6

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