Review: Polar Eye – 19th Sunrise

Polar Eye hail from Boston, Massachusetts. Whilst their MySpace page markets them as an indie/experimental act, they also seem to be bridging the gap between 1970’s American soft rock and prog. ’19th Sunrise’ is their first EP and two more are expected to follow this year.

Based on strong acoustic melodies, ‘September’ is given character by some delightful harmonies but a lengthy guitar solo in the middle of the song is uncalled for. However, ‘Along The Way’ is a much more streamlined effort; the cheery vocal won’t be enjoyed by everybody but it’s a fine piano-led pop song nevertheless. As if to emphasise their versatility, ‘Company’ builds from a ballad into a power pop chorus whilst the frequent key changes on ‘Today’ ensure listener interest never wavers. Finally, it’s left to ‘Loiter’ to round things off with its romantic, nocturnal imagery.

’19th Sunrise’ tries a little too hard to be all things to all men and the relentless thirst to subvert each song can begin to grate. Yet on the positive side, they produce some great hooks and their youthful exuberance and bursts of creativity just about sees them through

Web Sites:
Polar Eye Official Site
Polar Eye MySpace


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