Review: Electric Assembly – Slow Exit EP

For their last EP, Electric Assembly claimed influences as diverse as Syd Barrett, Kevin Shields and The Velvet Underground. It was no idle claim either since the London outfit’s brand of shoegaze/drone rock was rather seductive, if lacking in consistency. Their next EP, ‘Slow Exit’,  follows just over a year later.

It’s hardly an EP though. At forty-four minutes, it’s the length of a full album. No matter, ‘In Howls’ hits the ground running on a Krautrock groove but it’s one which is given added character by My Bloody Valentine levels of distortion. Whether it’s got quite enough character to sustain interest for fifteen minutes is debatable though. So it’s quite a relief when we hear the strummed simplicity of ‘Son Of Summer’; a track so gentle it could cure the headache caused by the track which preceded it. The sublime sounds continue thanks to the dream-like ambience of ‘Heading For A Fall’ and the insistent but graceful ‘Distant Airlines’ and ‘Films Out Of Time’, which make up a fine closing double header.

Whereas with ‘White Splinter’, Electric Assembly’s best efforts were  dominated by one stunning track, here they spread their creativity across the full length of a record. They also reveal depths of emotion not usually found in drone-based music.

Web Sites:
Electric Assembly Official Site
Electric Assembly MySpace
Dream Driven Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Mogwai, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Bark Psychosis


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