Review: Pandit – Eternity Spin

Waaga Records are becoming specialists in dreampop and Pandit are another name to add to the increasingly impressive roster they have built up. The brainchild of Texan singer/songwriter Lance Smith, ‘Eternity Spin’ is a compelling debut album.

The record is bookended by ‘Pack Your Bags’ and an eerie, untitled number; both are songs which emulate Deerhunter’s ghostly take on indie rock. Yet Pandit’s main achievements occur in between. His forte is pop music of the most heavenly variety, captured on single ‘Artichoke’, which sounds like The Beach Boys with a drum machine. As a definition of getting the basics right, ‘Kathryn, My Love’ is hard to beat. It relies on sighed vocals and simple chiming guitar chords but the result is stunning. Likewise, ‘Scotch’ and ‘We Reach Out’ are blissful and romantic.

He may sing in a whisper and some of the music seems so fragile it could be blown away at any moment but Smith has ultimately conjured up an album of great power. For the best songs here linger long in the memory and are likely to haunt whoever hears them for months and years to come.

Web Sites:
Pandit MySpace
Waaga Records

Further Listening:
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