Review: Rich Bennett – Buddy Cop

Via a sequence of regular releases, Rich Bennett has revealed a strong desire to make cinematic music encompassing many different genres. ‘Buddy Cop’ comprises, once again, a series of instrumentals for an  imaginary theme; in this case featuring a classy, refined cop from uptown named Dan Lyman.

‘Main Credits’ balances steel guitar with heavyweight Miami Vice-style percussion; (in fact, the latter becomes a common weapon used by Bennett for this “score”). ‘Chase Scene’ is the track which most closely relates to one of Bennett’s parent bands, Hotels, thanks in no small part to its intricate guitar interplay, whilst ‘The City At Large’ is awash with layers of electronic melody. Topping everything else, though, is ‘Goodbye To Love’; a subtle slice of melancholia, evoking nocturnal romance of the most refined variety.

‘Buddy Cop’ is so authentically 1980’s that the press release claims the music and film were found on an old VHS tape. They’ve even taken the trouble to make a tongue-in-cheek trailer. Just don’t try looking for too much depth here as ‘Buddy Cop’ should be treated as a fun and nostalgic release.

Web Sites:
Rich Bennett MySpace
Hidden Shoal Label and Shop Site

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