Review: Apart – Digital Frame

Apart is a solo vehicle for Italian Francis M. Gri and is also one of the projects he has helmed for his own KrysaliSound record label. The ambient, classical scene has been well populated in recent years but Gri has a gift for augmenting his music with the sweetest and most yearning of melodies.

‘Airport Breath’ sounds special as soon as a haunting piano motif is added to the swirling atmospheric loop. The piano/shoegaze theme is brought further to life with ‘Gate 12’, only this time glitchy beats are added for good measure.

Vocals are few and far between but when Lilium’s lighter than air contributions are added to the Kraftwerk-esque melodies of ‘New Day’, the effect is gentle and soothing. Equally important is the three part ‘Leith’ suite, which employs the same dreamy guitar techniques favoured by July Skies.

Stylistically, ‘Digital Frame’ should be placed next to Boy Is Fiction, with whom Gri shares the same dreamlike classical/electronica sensibilities. At times, it can sound a little too nice and sumptuous but it’s layered with such exquisite melody, it’s hard not to be seduced and carried along for the ride.

Web Sites:
Apart MySpace
KrysaliSound Label MySpace

Further Listening:
July Skies, Boy Is Fiction


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