Review: Her Vanished Grace – See The Moon

Forged on the dynamic interplay between husband and wife duo Nance and Charlie Nieland, Her Vanished Grace dispense verses and choruses like a shoegazing Roxette. That’s not to dismiss the complexity of their songs (which are amost always very well produced and written) but it does demonstrate their commercial appeal.

From the hopeful ‘I Know What Time It Is’ to the gentle finale ‘Stars Are Made Of Fire Too’, their latest album is typically abundant with tunes. ‘Passenger’ fades in and out amongst the vapour trail effects whilst ‘Beauty Lingers’ boasts a sugary pop chorus. A strong middle section to the record begins with ‘All That Matters’ as Nance Nieland’s sweet vocals float on a dreamy bed of jangly guitars; an illusion which is soon jettisoned in favour of the aggressive but hook-filled ‘Sparkling Diamond’. Meanwhile, the emotionally-driven ‘Make It Lighter’ makes you wonder why HVG aren’t better known.

So it’s business as usual for ‘See The Moon’. Granted, the Nance-led songs tend to linger longer in the memory than Charlie’s and those looking for musical progression should look elsewhere but if it’s rhythmic, shoegaze pop you’re looking for, it’s hard to find a group as consistently good as Her Vanished Grace.

Web Sites:
Her Vanished Grace Official Site
Her Vanished Grace MySpace

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