Review: Poomse – Star EP

Llorenç Rosselló hails from Mallorca, not a location usually associated with experimental folk-pop but it’s this loose genre term which most closely fits his recordings under the name of Poomse. After the 2006 demo ‘The Phantom Hand Theory’ (the biggest compliment being it didn’t really sound like a demo), the artist returned with a full length album last year and now this new EP.

Poomse’s odd singing style resembles Robert Wyatt or – in layman’s terms – he has the voice of someone much older. When it’s filtered through youthful regret as on ‘Kitchen Floor Epiphany’ the effect is oddly satisfying. ‘Star’ begins as a blues-influenced track but its string sampling-ending is more reminiscent of classic Hollywood. In keeping with the unusual approach of the EP, ‘Heaven’ switches between grimy post punk and trumpet segments and ‘The Elephant In The Room’ balances discordant noise with off-kilter melody.

Given the eclectic approach to Poomse’s songwriting, there’s a lot to take in here even in the EP’s concise seventeen minutes. Tellingly, though, Rosselló makes a decent fist of becoming the Balearic Islands’ answer to Eels.

Web Sites:
Poomse Blog
Poomse Bandcamp Site

Further Listening
Robert Wyatt, Beck, Eels


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