Review: Aube L – Souls To The Wind

At a time when there are a number of dominant females surging to the top of the pile, France’s Aube Lalvée is distinct enough to stand out in her own right. As well as being a versatile guitarist, she has a voice equally capable of conveying vulnerability and threat.

‘I Don’t Care’ is a typically melodramatic opener; kicked off by a magnificent chorus made not of words but of powerful wailing, whilst the verses build up an atmosphere of impending doom. However, this is not your average verse-chorus album as very few songs subscribe to this format.

Instead, there’s a fondness for post-punk and grungy guitars (‘Black Moon’, ‘Sense Of Life’), with equal space given to the spare, stripped back ‘Tell Me’ and the title track, where Lalvée puts on a performance of bone-chilling proportions. There are also moodier moments where songs drift a little aimlessly as both band and singer struggle to find a hook to ensnare wayward ears.

Texturally, ‘Souls To The Wind’ is an impressive album and Lalvée is a passionate performer who injects every syllable with maximum emotion. The key will be to hone her occasionally wayward talents in to a more coherent record but her spirit of adventure and individualism and (of course) that voice marks her out as a special talent.

Web Site:
Aube L Blog
Aube L MySpace

Further Listening:
Ragga And The Jack Magic Orchestra, Anna Calvi


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