Review: Sleepingdog – With Our Heads In The Clouds And Our Hearts In The Fields

Beginning in the early 1990s, Stars Of The Lid were a key figure in ambient circles, as their drone-based instrumentals won admirers far and wide. As one half of that outfit, Adam Wiltzie has since formed a duo of a different kind by enlisting the pure vocals of Chantal Acda.

In typically unassuming fashion, ‘The Untitled Ballad Of You & Me’ promises little with the title but it’s a gorgeously haunting song. It’s only failing is that after eight minutes of poignant beauty, it sets a standard that is hard to follow.  Certainly, they make a good job of it though, from the breathy, hopeful-sounding ‘It Leaves Us Silent’ to the gentle caress of ‘Scary Movie’. In between, the elegant ‘Kitten Plays The Harmony Rocket’ is a nod to Witzie’s ambient background, whereas ‘From Where It Was’ is the moment that is most in tune with traditional folk music.

By being both beautifully sung and immaculately played, it is hard to fault this latest Sleepingdog album. Some may prefer their music to be a little rough around the edges but Acda and Wiltzie provide  romance, innocence and peace all at once. That’s no small triumph.

Web Sites:
Sleepingdog Official Site
Sleepingdog MySpace
Gizeh Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
This Mortal Coil, Glissando, Múm, Low


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