Review: Born In December – Now And Then A Lover Is Exposed

If you’re going to change your recording name, it’s generally best to do it at the start of your career. So Alex Sarychkin’s decision to change from Sasha Is Acoustic to Born In December shouldn’t harm his career at all. What does remain consistent, though, is his lo-fi, indie pop music.

At the age of nineteen, Sarychkin has certainly incorporated a number of influences in to his music. The opening salvo of ‘Question’ and ‘I Don’t Know’ borrow from both white funk and early 1980’s guitar pop. Yet it’s the warm spare soul music of ‘Butterfly’ which is the stunning moment on the album; a sad and poignant lament based around the death of a loved one. On the flipside of the coin, the weaknesses of Sarychkin’s vocals are exposed on the mildly grungy ‘Before You Lie’ whilst ‘The Wire’ sees him playing the ukelele and also informing us about this in the song.

Sarychkin is certainly talented but he’s occasionally on the cusp between serious recording artist and a student who writes songs between tutorials. Just as with Sasha Is Acoustic, his best songs are the most emotive ones and surely indicate the best way forward for him.

Web Sites:
Born In December Bandcamp

Further Listening:
William Gray


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