Review: Cashier No. 9 – Goldstar EP

Newly signed to the Bella Union record label, Belfast’s Cashier No. 9 show no lack of ambition with the label of “post-Spector pop-explosion” to promote their new EP ‘Goldstar’.

The title track is a happy, infectious little tune, featuring the expected Wall of Sound, although a more up to date comparison would be the Swedish band The Concretes. ‘Good Human’ is slower with more apparent shades of melancholy beneath the glistening harmonies whereas ‘Oh Pity’ combines the best elements of the first two songs in to another delightful pop confection. Finally, there’s Keyboard Choir’s remix of ‘Goldstar’ to enjoy, in which the track is given an ambient makeover that almost has a whiff of Christmas about it.

With just three songs, Cashier No. 9 have little time to show off their value but they use it well and any perceived lack of originality so far, can be compensated for by their buoyant melodies and kitchen sink prioduction. All in all, they’re definitely a band worth checking out.

Web Sites:
Cashier No. 9 Official Site
Cashier No. 9 Myspace

Further Listening:
The Concretes


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