Review: Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

Glasgow-based Anneke Kampman and James Scott began making music when they met at University. Fond of both toy keyboards and tape hiss, their skills are largely based on the emotional power of their songs. Their debut ‘Kammerspiel’ has already received plenty of plaudits and it’s not hard to see why.

A lot of Conquering Animal Sound’s techniques seem familiar. Kampman’s vocals are childlike; caught somewhere between Stina Nordenstam and the Icelandic outift Múm whilst Scott is the archetypal bedroom studio boffin, constantly seeing what noises can fit together to make the strangest kind of pop music.

For instance, ‘Wasp’ combines a folk melody with a harmony loop and is reminiscent of Björk in an approachable mood and  ‘Wildthings’ revolves around a queasy accordion melody. Nevertheless, the duo are best served by the single ‘Bear’, which manages to be both sinister and comforting at the same time. Then towards the end they shine again for the gorgeously layered delights of ‘Giant’.

After listening to ‘Kammerspiel’ a number of times, there is an impression their style has been heard before. However, their tuneful experimental pop is more consistent than many of their contemporaries.

Web Sites:
Conquering Animal Sound Official Site
‘Kammerspiel’ on SoundCloud
Gizeh Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Múm, Lidwine, Björk, Stina Nordenstam


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