Review: We Are Ghosts – InDnegev EP

Improvised music can surely only rarely succeed and the probability of anything worthwhile must be reduced still further when it’s recorded in the Israeli desert at 3am. However, under these circumstances twelve-piece band We Are Ghosts would appear to thrive and they prove the point on their new EP.

Thanks to its droning atmospheres and a bleak female vocal (including the key line “Sometimes I think that sleep is overrated”), ‘Sleepless In The Desert’ conveys an appropriate feeling of paranoia and restlessness. For ‘Come Home’ the group indulge in a post-punk influence circa Factory Records 1981 with the twin vocals adding to the sense of eeriness, which soon becomes even more threatening once the dirty funk of ‘Non Work Song’ (which could be an alternative anthem for disaffected workers everywhere) kicks in.

We Are Ghosts convince with the intensity and conviction of their performance. ‘InDnegev’ may not be the easiest of listening experiences but the dozen participants display an almost telepathic musicianship to craft an unsettling, mesmeric set of songs.

Web Sites:
We Are Ghosts Bandcamp
We Are Ghosts MySpace


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