Review: The Sky Drops – Making Mountains

The Sky Drops AKA Rob Montejo and Monika Bullette have been a recording couple for several years now although Montego’s past can be traced back to original shoegazers Smashing Orange in the early 1990’s. If their belated first album (2009’s ‘Bourgeois Beat’) seemed to be heading for a harder and darker sound then by those standards ‘Making Mountains’ must be absolutely filthy as the duo shift even further away from that “shoegazing Everly Brothers” tag.

From the opening strains of ‘Explain It To Me’, it’s clear that Montejo and Bullette are heading in to sludgier psychedelic territory. Harmonies have now become disharmonies. ‘Cut That Corner’ is, basically, catchier because it contains a chorus, albeit a rather brittle one whilst ‘Keeper’ maintains the low slung rhythms. ‘Out The Window’ is the standout movement thanks to its shifting, disorientating production and its melody is reminiscent of The Passions’ ‘I’m In Love With A German Film Star’. Finally, there’s the pleasant, acoustic-based ‘Togethering’ which couldn’t sound any different to the beginning of the EP.

Given their experience and understanding of dynamics and dreampop’s past, it’s unlikely The Sky Drops will ever make a bad record. However, I do feel they have somehow lost what was special about them in the first place, namely those killer harmonies.

Web Sites:
The Sky Drops Official Site
The Sky Drops MySpace
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Further Listening:
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