Review: A Ninja Slob Drew Me – We Are

Within the apparently limited confines of an eight-string bass guitar, A Ninja Slob Drew Me (or less excitingly, Daniel James Brown) put out the startlingly diverse album ‘One Week In Sand’ in 2009. The only problem was that within the brilliant moments lurked a few tracks which tried a bit too hard to be different. Perhaps mindful of this, ‘We Are’ keeps things simple and sticks to a compact six tracks.

The title track may be embellished by beats but the hypnotic bass is always the focal point whereas ‘Drone’ promises little with its title but its twisting melody proves ultimately seductive. The second half is less beat heavy as ‘The Infinite’ steers the listener in to ambient waters but its the melancholic ache of ‘No Worry’ which stands out the most.

One may argue that ‘We Are’ loses some of the character and idiosyncracies which made ‘One Week In Sand’ so fascinating but these six tracks are considerably more cohesive and  enjoyable. It’s also never less than tuneful and the complex patterns Brown conjures up make a case him for to be the bass version of Vini Reilly.

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