Review: Balkans – Balkans

If you can imagine The Walkmen going back to their teenage years, you’re not far off the Balkans sound. The youthful energy of this Atlanta, Georgia-based outfit is backed up by brittle guitars and their frontman’s drunken yet passionate hollering.

‘Edita V’ is as good a place to start as any and sets out their template. Its riffs are rough but melodic whereas its chorus contains an addictive, off-key reward. After a frenetic start, ‘Dressed In Black’ experiments with tape loops and disarming changes of pace. Another key moment is the undeniably infectious ‘Troubled And Done’ but the dirgey ‘Georganne’ sees the formula come unstuck for the first time.

This a terrific, streamlined debut only undermined by the fact that it’s largely the same style throughout. Nevertheless, it’s a great style and first records are really as cohesive as this one.

Web Sites:
Balkans Official Site
Double Phantom Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
The Walkmen


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