KIDCITY comprise Caleb and Kelly Ann who present their style as “clip hop”. Since they also claim their sound is positioned between Enya and Dr. Dre, it’s clear that the Toronto twosome have a sense of humour too.

For a more accurate representation of their music, there is no greater indication than ‘Bloody Face’. Against a glitchy backdrop of noise and beats, Kelly Ann’s distorted vocal shifts from robotic threat to melancholic ache. The shift from cold, austere music to something rather serene and beautiful is a masterstroke from the duo and this turns out to be their USP. ‘Blackened’ and ‘Values’ are made of a similar formula with Kelly Ann’s clear vocals recalling the singer-songwriters from the 1970’s rather than the trendy frontpersons of today’s electro acts. Not everything works: ‘Phyrne’ comes across as rather shrill and even though trip hop is well covered for both ‘Insurance’ and ‘All Grown Up’, the random bleeping effects begin to grate after a while.

KIDCITY offer a different perspective on the usual boy/girl electro acts. Having said that, it would be interesting to see them break out of their defiantly lo-fi production and embrace their melodic side a little further next time.

Web Sites:
KIDCITY Official Site
KIDCITY Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Van Allen Belt, The Artificial Sea


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