Review: Paperfangs – Paperfangs EP

Paperfangs are a trio from Finland and present their wares as a downloadable three-track EP. It can be hard to convey much depth over the course of ten minutes but the group have created three enjoyable synth pop songs nevertheless.

Paperfangs have demonstrated their influences with a version of a Pet Shop Boys’ track but the first song on this EP harks back to a more obscure part of history.’The Fastest Planes’ is reminiscent of The Wake, thanks to Juri’s airy vocal and the light, melancholic synth melody.  Rather bizarrely, ‘The Vastest Plains’ seems to open with the sound of vacuum cleaning but then a sugary tune in the mould of The Lightning Seeds takes hold. The EP ends with a cover; a fluffy version of ‘Violet’ by Kiss Kiss Fantastic.

One could argue that Paperfangs fulfil their chosen name with music which lacks real bite but there’s an endearing charm present which harks back to the innocent days of the 1980’s. A full album, though, wlll surely be the true benchmark of their talents.

Web Sites:
Paperfangs Tumblr Site
Paperfangs Soundcloud Page

Further Listening:
The Wake, The Pet Shop Boys


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