Review: Mob Fandango – Dig

Mob Fandango are a new Dublin act, made up of ten performers. Although basically a funk/soul outfit they probably need so many members given that they cover such a range of musical styles. Quite an achievement for this highly polished fifteen-minute EP.


The opening ‘Funk Epidemic’ contains everything you’d need for a lively funk act. It’s surely designed to fulfil the band’s manifesto to “get you on the floor and help you remember how to  feel good”. Instrumentally, it’s a 1970’s Cop theme even down to the wah-wah guitars. ‘Dancefloor’ is more soulful and fun and emphasises their tight musicianship. Yet it’s track three which demonstates their classy songwriting prowess best as the killer Steely Dan-style chorus smoothly attests. It’s left to ‘Dig’ to end the EP with a comfortably warm reggae sound and a happy glow.

Like their fellow Irish band The Burning Effigies, Mob Fandango take on black American influences and prove that they can groove and swing with the best of them. The mood is generally fun and it’s easy to understand why they’re a live draw but one senses there’s a greater depth here which needs to be explored further if they have ambition to be a successful albums act.

Web Sites:
Mob Fandango Official Site
Mob Fandango Bandcamp Site

Further Listening:
The Burning Effigies


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