Review: Golden Glow – Tender Is The Night

Although based in Manchester, Pierre Hall’s Trinidadian and Mauritian heritage means his music is likely to sound less localised than most acts from the area. Furthermore, in a sure statement of “keeping it real”, the new album from Golden Glow is a four-track recording but one which sounds rich with promise.

Thick, heavily echoed beats and staccatto vocals usher in ‘Adore Me’ and Hall sticks to these base elements throughout the album. Yet don’t be fooled into thinking there is a lack of invention here. ‘Locked Inside’ features summery guitar and possesses a wistfulness which makes the association with The Drums so easy to understand, then extending the link still further is the “Orange Juice on a budget” nugget ‘All Time’. Only ‘The Blizzard’, with its drone-heavy backing, could be called an experiment but it’s not one of the songs which listeners are likely to return to very often. Yet when he can put out off-kilter indie-pop gems such as ‘On My Own’ or ‘Retreat’, it’s easy to forgive any misguided attempts at adventure and admire his insouciant charms instead.

There’s a consistency to ‘Tender Is The Night’ which could be considered as a lack of variety but each song has something different to offer within the boundaries of indie/alternative rock. One would imagine that the next album will have a bigger budget thrown at it but this must not drown out the talent which Hall clearly has.

Web Sites:
Golden Glow MySpace
Mush Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
The Drums, The Strokes


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    thanks for the support! you can also order the vinyl here:

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