Review: Vliot – Invisible Cities

Vliot is a musical outlet for Puerto Rican Fabian Wilkins and an assortment of local talent. To expect his new record to be entirely representative of his country would be a big mistake though. By the standards of ‘Invisble Cities’, Wilkins has reached much further for inspiration.

Wilkins’ Peter Gabriel-like tones on ‘En Lo Que Sea’ set the album off to a smooth, jazzy start. There is a distinct air of summer on these languid songs and instrumentals. The sweet melodies of ‘Amanecer’, for example, seem perfect accompaniment to a lazy day at the beach. Wilkins sretches himself on several occasions. If ‘En Os Aires’ is intended as a homage to Tortoise, Wilkins certainly achieves his aim, whilst on the final instrumental – the warm, throbbing keyboards of ‘Beautiful Machine’ – he arguably reaches his peak. Tellingly, even if ‘Falling Ice’ and ‘High Hopes’ may sound like (admittedly classy) incidental music, the sunny charm remains constant.

Wilkins cleverly stays true to his Puerto Rican roots but clearly his influences have been just as informed by Western culture. If there is one recommendation, though, it is that he should utilise his voice more since this instrument lifts the occasionally soporific moments on the record.

Web Sites:
Vliot Official Site
Invisible Cities Bandcamp Page

Further Listening:
Tortoise, Mice Parade


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