Review: Should – Like A Fire Without Sound

Many will be unfamiliar with Should but they were one of the founding artists on Minneapolis imprint Words On Music; a label who have consistently picked out great artists over the years. ‘Like A Fire Without Sound’ is only the third album from Marc Ostermeier and Tanya Maus and it’s their first since 1998. No matter, their minimalist shoegaze pop has stood the test of time well.

After the gentle but magical ‘Glasshouse’, solid gold harmonies and guitar jangle distinguish the equally excellent ‘Turned Tables’. The spare arrangements to ‘Awake At Night’ evoke modern favourites The XX, ‘Broken’ possesses a gripping rhythmic pulse and last song ‘The Great Pretend’ is an epic folk-flavoured send-off. There are, unfortunately, moments where the album loses momentum too; the five minute instrumental ‘Always Returning being the main cuplrit.

As is the case with many albums which appeal to sensitive souls, there are occasions when this record is a little too pleasant and unassuming to truly divert attention. More often than not, however, the duo convey heartache and warmth and prove they are still a class act.

Web Sites:
Words On Music Label and Shop Site
Should MySpace

Further Listening:
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