Review: For Against – Black Soap

Whereas The Chameleons are often seen as one of the forefathers of dreampop, another early stakeholder were For Against from Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s a testament to their enduring appeal and increasing importance, that they now see a three track EP released; taken from their first recording session, way back in 1984.

Concise and incisive,’Black Soap’ sounds like a a very exicting single. Harry Dingman III’s guitar circles around Jeffrey Runnings’ foreboding vocals to create a classic song which bridges the gap between Modern English’s post-punk misery and the beginning of dreampop. ‘Dark Good Friday’ relies lies less on punk and more on swirling atmosphere but still delivers a thrilling chorus. The mix of ‘Amen Yves (White Circles), meanwhile, seems pitched between the dancefloor and the ringing atmospherics of the aforementioned Chameleons.

Based on these three early tracks alone, For Against already sound like an fascinating act to follow. The fact that they still record great albums even now, proves they’re not merely surviving on past glories either.

Web Sites:
For Against MySpace
Words On Music Label Site

Further Listening:
The Chameleons, The Opposition, Modern English

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