Review: Tom Vek – Leisure Seizure

A common mistake with new acts on the music scene is that they rush-release a follow-up in an effort to take advantage of fickle fans. No such crime was committed from Tom Vek who took six years away from music before releasing the belated follow-up to 2005’s largely superb ‘We Have Sound’. This electro whizz-kid seemed to be on to something new and exciting all those years ago, so recapturing that buzz was always going to be a tall order. 

Never one of the strongest singers, Vek’s dispassionate drawl does few favours to some of the weaker songs here; for ‘On A Plate’ and ‘We Need To Work Your Heart Out’, he sounds tired of the recording process already. However, his real skill is in his invention and Vek proves more than capable in creating some fine off-kilter pop songs.

‘Aroused’, ‘We Do Nothing’ and ‘World Of Doubt’ make hay with original hook lines and Vek’s trademark hard-hitting beats. ‘Seizemic’ provides a change of pace amongst the pummeling rhythms which sets up a less frantic second half of variable quality. With its dubstep leanings, ‘Close Mic’ed’ is a rare indication that Vek has been listening to what’s new during his “gap years” and ‘Too Bad’ is a spirited send-off.

Vek probably hasn’t moved on enough off in the intervening time to generate a media frenzy but ‘Leisure Seizure’ is a solid and  enjoyable follow-up. So for those looking for the next big thing, search elsewhere but for those who desire beat-heavy electro-pop, tune in.

Web Sites:
Tom Vek Official Site

Further Listening:
The Experimental Pop Band


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