Review: Tapes On Pause – Escaping The City Lights

Tapes On Pause is a new project from multi-instrumentalist Kyle Barnes. It’s a measure of his productivity that ‘Escaping The City Lights’ is the third album he has released this year already. The title reveals much of what you need to know about the ambient sounds within.

You don’t have to look too hard for Barnes’ influences’ either.  ‘Into The Lights’ and ‘Please Recycle Your Plastic People’ both doff their cap distinctly to Kraftwerk’s ‘Neon Lights’ whilst ‘Headlights And Highways’ balances 808 State global techno with metronomic rhythms.

Tracks three and four could hardly be more different in terms of style and quality. Whilst the title track unearths a badly dated rock guitar solo, a much more modern approach is taken for ‘Summer Is In The Air Again’, which balances melodic synth lines with jazzy percussion. Elsewhere, an atmosphere of drivetime menace is writ large.

‘Escaping The City Lights’ may set its ambitions low. After all, how many artists try to convey nocturnal escapism via instrumental music? However, for the most part, Barnes delivers soundtrack-worthy material; perfect for the next “Buddy Cop” movie.

Web Sites:
Tapes On Pause Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Kraftwerk, 808 State, Rich Bennett


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