Review: Offthesky – The Beautiful Nowhere

Offthesky is the solo work of Colorado resident Jason Corder. Corder was diagnosed with Attention Deficiency Disorder as a child and there is a defiinite kind of restlessness to ‘The Beautiful Nowhere’ which suggests a lack of sleep, despite its quiet, glacial facade.

‘Surface Of The Skin’ is the musical equivalent of waking up as various unidentified acoustic instruments and drone combine in a blurry, unfocussed way. ‘No We’re Nowhere’ is more coherent as plucked guitar strings provide a melodic structure but some distant howls, moans and reverb ensure that danger is lurking every step of the way. ‘Whittling You Little Lights’ takes a similar setup but its stark simplicity sounds like the most haunted of folk music whereas ghosts of Yellow6 is recalled on the twangy ‘Waiting To Fade’. Other tracks like ‘Daydream Tarnation’ are rich in mysterious detail.

‘The Beautiful Nowhere’ takes a while to get under the skin and can occasionally be underwhelming. Yet towards the middle of the record, in particular, Corder has cultivated a pastoral atmosphere that takes you into his world of dreams.

Web Sites:
Hibernate Records

Further Listening:
Flying Saucer Attack, Planivaar


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