Review: (ome) – Tired Birds

(ome) aren’t the first act to be compared to The Beach Boys and they certainly won’t be the last. Yet on occasions this solo project from Minneapolis-based Mark Edwards is a triumphant evocation of Brian Wilson’s harmonic glory and experimental production.

If ‘Mourning Doves’ is the aural equivalent of spring flowering, then the summer really arrives on ‘Soul On Fire’, as Edwards unleashes his remarkable harmonies which really do sound like Brian Wilson in his prime. This is hardly a pastiche record though. ‘New Jamb’ dabbles in big beats and aggressive rhythms whilst ‘Hungry Bears’ offers fuzzy guitar pop and abstract electronica. Venturing further in to the album, ‘Off The Rails’ is arguably Edwards’ ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ as it builds from a simple acoustic figure in to an epic heart-wrenching ballad.

Given that Edwards is a mere solo artist and records in his own home studio, the sounds he has created here seem even more remarkable. ‘Tired Birds’ brings to life his technicolour dream.

Web Sites:
(ome) Official Site
(ome) Bandcamp Site

Further Listening:
The Beach Boys, Simian


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