Review: Pico & Alvarado – Interfering Waves

Pico & Alvarado (AKA Kevin Cogliano and Adam Thornton) describe their music as moody, fun pop. It’s a fitting description for their tunes which offer a happy and sad outlook within the confines of each track.

The approach is revealed early on with ‘Kaffe Katt’, which rides in on a New Order-style melody but its effect is diminished by some cheesy synths. ‘Style Kitchen’ follows a similar formula.  ‘End Credits’ may also be fond of “vintage” electronica touches but its slower, melancholic approach is altogether more satisfying. ‘Sandbar’, likewise, is a mature, well-constructed instrumental. Then the EP ends with a playful but rather unnecessary 12″ “disco mix” version of ‘Kaffe Katt’.

‘Interfering Waves’ is a  little short to get a true sense of the potential of the duo. However, one feels if they could explore their darker side a little more, they could yet produce something of real substance.

Web Sites:
Pico & Alvarado Bandcamp

Further Listening:
New Order, Gary Numan


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