Review: Collapse Under The Empire/Mooncake – Black Moon Empire

Germany take on Russia in a post-rock battle. Or more accurately, Collapse Under The Empire have joined forces with Mooncake to produce a five track EP which deviates between subtlety and full-on rock onslaught.

The first song is a collaborative effort between the two bands. Surprisingly, it’s also the quietest and most memorable moment as the band members reveal the tender and graceful side to post-rock. Alone, C.U.T.E. are in heavier form for ‘Spark’; in fact the guitar work is borderline metallic whereas the portentous ‘T.S.D.’ tantalisingly holds back the dramatics until three minutes in when the percussion and histrionics are finally released . Mooncake seem to be a much more sedate proposition who are unafraid to use a mournful string section to embellish the appealingly sad ‘Turquoise’, ‘before they too unleash some inner demons for the bombastic finale that is Novorossiysk 1968’.

Even with only a couple of tracks each, the two groups are given plenty of opportunity to flex some post-rock muscle but it’s also heartening they can work together to produce the ego-free moment of wonder at the beginning of the EP. On this evidence, a further union would be welcomed.

Web Sites:
Black Moon Empire Official Site
Collapse Under The Empire Official Site
Mooncake Official Site

Further Listening:
Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky


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