Review: Planivaar – Between Worlds

In contrast with the majority of electronica artists, Mark Lippett always seems to be in touch with nature and its surroundings. His musical pseudonym Planivaar has proved to be a productive outlet thus far and ‘Between Worlds’ follows on from his two EP releases from last year.

The beginning could scarcely be more abrasive as the primtive electronic bleeps and beats of ‘Moustache’ collide in an almost jarring fashion. ‘Man Buys Newspaper’, then, sounds like a reassuring return to Lippett’s pastoral approach and features a pretty guitar figure that comes straight from the Epic45 songbook. However, this proves to be a blip as the experimental and bleak nature of the record takes hold.

There’s still room for the Boards Of Canada-esque ‘A Dog Without A Lead’ and the sense of eeriness is lent extra urgency by the metronomic rhythms to tracks such as ‘The Visitors’, ‘Broken Window’ and ‘Sleepwalking’. The album is then polished off by the mournful beauty of ‘Somebody Watching’.

Lippett has the confidence and vision to reinvent himself with each record. ‘Between Worlds’ is initially a little underwhelming but after the third and fourth listen, its haunting motifs and analog instrumentation begin to form a captivating whole.

Web Sites:
Between Worlds Download Page

Further Listening:
Cabaret Voltaire, Epic45, Cogs


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