Review: The Bird Day – Fed Odd

Hailing from Buffalo, The Bird Day dispense a psychedelic form of electronica that is full of brash beats and baroque tunes. So whilst its body may be in Ibiza, it’s head is in space.

‘Chain Gang’ is an appropriate way to start which offers a heady mix of sugary electronica and bright beats. Even so, ‘We Taste Nothing’ is a considerable step up in class. Dreamy, lighter than air harmonies weave in and out of the bouncy synths and if those voices are light then ‘Steel Cloud’ must be helium-powered; nevertheless the key changes are wondrously inventive. Likewise, ‘Better Or Worse’ features a teen-friendly chorus which is deep and unusual enough to grab the ears of a mature listener, whilst the title track is propelled by some sturdy New Order-style basslines and minty-fresh keyboard washes.

Like contemporaries M83 and Foster The People, The Bird Day seem to be making soundtracks for a young person’s life. Yet the level of euphoria is given extra weight and meaning by a fine grasp of melody and a longing to escape which people of all ages will surely crave for from time to time.

Web Sites:
The Bird Day Blog
The Bird Day MySpace

Further Listening:
M83, Foster The People

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