Review: PJE – Abstractions

A solo artist from The Wirral, Phil Edwards records simply as PJE which presumably is his initials. Each track on his new EP tends to consist of an acoustic guitar figure with an experimental edge. 

‘Abstractions’ is made up of eight short instrumental pieces. The first track ‘Wakeful’ is based on a simple guitar pattern and some found sounds and a similar formula continues throughout. For ‘Lightness’, the melody is repeated over and over again with varying levels of sound manipulations holding the listener’s interest. ‘Shapes For Words’ is one of the most intriguing pieces. It employs a pretty, pastoral tune with added child’s voices to create a nostalgic aura which compares favourably to certain artists on the Cherry Red Records label. Additionally, ‘Secondary’ piles on the chords with added intensity and layers of melancholy.

‘Abstractions’ is pleasant rather than essential listening that is never less than tuneful. Those looking for sonic adventure won’t find it too much of a challenge and one feels that if a few more instruments were brought in to the mix next time, Edwards could develop his range still further and perhaps become a rival of July Skies or Epic45.

Web Sites:
PJE MySpace

Further Listening:
Epic45, July Skies, Everything But The Girl


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