Review: Inch-time – The Floating World

Stefan Panczak may be based in the busy London borough of Hackney but his Inch-time project lives in a world where nothing is rushed and all is chilled. There’s strong elements of jazz and electronica on his latest album and these instrumentals are delivered with the same amount of urgency as an easy listening soundtrack.

As with many albums of this type, where the record excels is when it can conjure up a picture or a place. ‘Of Times Past’ and ‘Ukyo’ are imbued with a sense of loss and nostalgia whereas ‘Late Spring’ is wistful and nocturnal. ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘The Big Sleep’, on the other hand, represent rather dull, cocktail bar music.

‘The Floating World’ treads an uneasy path between unobtrusive aural wallpaper and classy, downtempo mood music. It’s definitely one of those records best enjoyed at night to appreciate its subtle charms but a little more experimentation wouldn’t go amiss either. 

Web Sites:
Mystery Plays Records Label and Shop Site

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