Review: And The Giraffe – Something For Someone

And The Giraffe are musicians and friends Nick Roberts and Josh Morris from Gainesville in Florida. Based on their debut EP ‘Something For Someone’, together they make an atmospheric brand of indie folk which demonstrates real maturity.

Listening to ‘Underground Love’, it’s hard to fathom that Roberts and Morris are really a couple of twenty year-olds. For these are the vocals of an AOR veteran and even the ringing guitar suggests an old time rocker settling down after decades of the high life. ‘1055’ sounds gentler still. It’s worth stressing that this is by no means a criticism. These songs pack a natural and unforced warmth. Tucked away at the end of the EP is arguably their finest moment though. ‘Still’ adds ambient touches, brushed drums and a lovely languid melody.

Roberts and Morris may be old before their time but they’ve pulled off the trick with style and substance. Furthermore, on the strength of their last song, it would be interesting to hear if the group opt for a full band approach next time.

Web Sites:
And The Giraffe Bandcamp Page

Further Listening:
A. Rex, The Big I Am


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