Review: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Paper Crush

Letting Up Despite Great Faults are a new dreampop act from LA led by main songwriter Mike Lee. They pulled off quite a coup recently by soundtracking a commercial for Facebook apps and ‘Paper Crush’ is their first venture in to the UK market.

‘Repeating Hearts’ and ‘Teenage Tide’ possess the energy and rhythmic urgency of classic New Order, even if the vocals are a bit too in thrall to the dispassionate efforts of the original shoegaze scene. ‘Sophia In Gold’ borrows from the light melanchola touches of (another former Factory Records act) The Wake but bolsters it with modern day electronica. In its efforts to sound more aggressive, ‘If You Happen’ overdoes the distortion and loses the tune as a result. It turns out to be a blip, thankfully, because after the sublime instrumental ‘Aurora’ comes the heavenly and propulsive ‘Helium’; a song which deserves far better than its “bonus track” billing.

The most surprising thing about Letting Up… is that they are American because they make the kind of dreampop which seemed so popular amongst Western Europeans about five years ago. Naturally, it doesn’t matter, ‘Paper Crush’ may be throwaway and lacking in depth but it’s also colourful and superbly melodic.

Web Sites:
Letting Up Despite Great Faults Official Site

Further Listening:
The Wake, New Order, Styrofoam, The Radio Dept.


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